Stop Smoking Seminar.

Tools4change will be holding a Stop Smoking Seminar in Burlington Ontario on April 27th at 7.30pm at the Tansley Woods Community Center,1996 Itabashi Way Burlington On.  L7M 4J8 ;


The cost is $50 at the door and $40 via paypal.


Seating is for 35, so book early to guarantee a seat.


I am also available for Private Sessions and via Skype.

Stop Smoking now...

The Awful truth about smoking Cigarettes is that half of everyone that persists with the habit dies from one illness or another directly related to smoking.


I'm not going to list the illnesses as any google search of the effects of smoking will give you an idea of what you are facing.


Then there's the cost. A daily smoker will spend over $3500 dollars a year on his or her habit. This amounts to a couple of mortgage payments or a trip away somewhere warm.


I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of smokers stop the habit over the years. some have returned occasionally to "top up" and then they're good to go once again and are free from the risks of what is frankly a deadly behaviour.


Stop Smoking Seminar.

We are holding our first live event of the season. A Stop Smoking Seminar.

Tickets available here. The first 30 people to sign up will receive a free Stop Smoking Hypnosis cd.

New URL.

The new URL for my site is now The other URLs will point in the same direction so there will be no change to the searches from your end.

How your brain really works, part 1.

The brain is the most complex device known to man.

Science has been studying The Brain for centuries to figure out how it works, and hasn't yet come to a place where it can simply explain to the average person how on earth The Brain does what it does.

The video below is the beginning of a learning process where you will learn for yourself precisely how your brain works and make the adjustments you need to make it run perfectly.

You still won't know HOW The Brain works, but you will know how to use your brain in precise ways to improve your life.

Consider this the first part of a how-to guide for Your Brain,


Deep in Nature

We live surrounded by Technology, Industry and the Suburban/Urban sprawl of modern life...unless you are fortunate to live in the country.


This constant separation from nature disrupts our natural ability to be at peace, which is why we head to the cottage or go for walks and get to the beach when we can.


This isn't always possible, so we make the best of it while we are able.


Get out more and breathe in the natural raw energy of hills, grass and trees.

Sorry about the audio quality. Things will improve over time!

New Year's Resolutions!

Most of us make New Year's Resolutions, and some intend to keep them and make changes.

We decide to lose weight or learn a new skill or take on a hobby, and we genuinely mean what we say to ourselves about sticking to our guns and taking on a diet, or learning to sky dive (!) or learn to play the guitar.

Pretty soon we find that we aren't as motivated to do what we thought we wanted to do, and the motivation slips away.


Well, when we made our resolution we felt a certain way. It was New Year's after all and one is supposed to resolve to make changes right? not necessarily though. What seemed like a good idea around Christmas seems like too much work by January 15 or so, and we begin to see the idea of change differently.

Why does this ALWAYS happen?

It's human nature to follow the line of least resistance, and if that means stopping doing something because it's no longer fun or interesting or purposeful anymore, then the behaviour stops.


So what's the answer?

Call me, and we'll develop a plan to keep you on track and have ways to measure progress and keep you excited about sticking to goals and getting the results you so desperately want.

Phone or text at 905 630 2438 or email at and take the first step toward your dream now!

Welcome to Tools4change.

My name is Alistair Kinnear and I'm the Owner/Operator of Tools4change.


At tools4change We are dedicated to providing relief for you and will work tirelessly to help you get where you want to go.

I will be posting here regularly via text, audio and video to provide you with insight into how minds and subsequently bodies work.

I can be reached at 905 630 2438 for a no-cost consult by phone, e-mail or in-office to  help you begin your journey to a new you!