Stop Smoking now...

The Awful truth about smoking Cigarettes is that half of everyone that persists with the habit dies from one illness or another directly related to smoking.


I'm not going to list the illnesses as any google search of the effects of smoking will give you an idea of what you are facing.


Then there's the cost. A daily smoker will spend over $3500 dollars a year on his or her habit. This amounts to a couple of mortgage payments or a trip away somewhere warm.


I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of smokers stop the habit over the years. some have returned occasionally to "top up" and then they're good to go once again and are free from the risks of what is frankly a deadly behaviour.


Stop Smoking Seminar.

We are holding our first live event of the season. A Stop Smoking Seminar.

Tickets available here. The first 30 people to sign up will receive a free Stop Smoking Hypnosis cd.

What you focus on becomes your reality.

What you focus on becomes your reality....eventually.

Obviously it doesn't happen immediately or reality would be chaos, but if you consistently focus on one thing, it will appear.

Try it.

Build a structure where, once a day, you spend  a few minutes seeing what you want in your mind. Amplify the colours, make the sounds louder and smells and tastes and feelings too.

Plan to do this for a month or two and put a notification on your phone or on your computer at work to take the time and see what you want to see until you believe it.

sixty days.




New URL.

The new URL for my site is now The other URLs will point in the same direction so there will be no change to the searches from your end.

The entire spinning video series in one post.

Here is the entire video series on spinning your energy to create optimal states in one post.


This exercise will allow you to break old habits and learn new ones easily, to prepare for difficult tasks and generally perform better in your life.


This exercise is the basis for most of my work form weight loss to stop smoking to chronic pain control.


Once you learn to do this simple exercise for yourself you can overcome most any challenge your life may bring you.

Chronic Pain Control.

As we age and experience life, we accumulate physical and emotional trauma that manifests it's self in pain we feel in our bodies.

The medical community knows how to treat with drugs and surgery, but often the pain persists and we are left with drug dependency and artefacts of pain that persist and are badged as Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and a list of other conditions that medicine tries desperately to cure.

In my studies I have been exposed to many different practices, from Chriropractic to RMT to Shiatsu, and all of these modalities have the potential to release bodily trauma in patients, resulting in strong emotional release or Catharsis.

This Cathartic response in the clue to me that there are blocks that need to be released for true healing to begin.

We live in fear that things are going to hurt, and this fear holds us in tension against that potential pain, and that is the beginning of what eventually becomes Chronic Pain that medicine can only treat with pills and surgery.

I have developed a healing modality based on energetic practice that allows you to gain physical control of these blocks or tension points and reverse the flow of energy in your body, thereby profoundly reducing the amount of pain you are suffering in-clinic in as little as a half hour session.

I am truly excited to offer this treatment as it has worked for my clients suffering from lower back pain, bone cancer and many other debilitating disorders that doctors have treated with an ever-increasing dose of pills.

I do want to remind my clients that this treatment does not replace traditional medical treatment for tendon, ligament and muscle damage, cancer, and broken bones. What the treatment does provide is immediate relief from the pain symptoms, allowing rest and healing to begin.

Call or e-mail to book your appointment today, and I look forward to being part of your relief and the beginning of your healing.

Cheers, Alistair.


P.S. Here is one of my teachers demonstrating this technique with profound results.