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The entire spinning video series in one post.

Here is the entire video series on spinning your energy to create optimal states in one post.


This exercise will allow you to break old habits and learn new ones easily, to prepare for difficult tasks and generally perform better in your life.


This exercise is the basis for most of my work form weight loss to stop smoking to chronic pain control.


Once you learn to do this simple exercise for yourself you can overcome most any challenge your life may bring you.

How your mind really works, part 4

In the last three videos I have begun to introduce you to the technique of generating new emotional states to change your live.


In this, the last segment we will be taking the final step to installing this powerful new energy into your body and set it so that you will always have the experience ready to rraw on when you need it most.


I recommend watching the last three videos to review whether you've watched them before so that you can immediately jump into the final step while still in the state the last videos helped you to create for yourself.



How your brain really works part 3

In the last two videos I began to show you how memories can effect how our bodies feel things.


In this video I'm explaining how we can amplify positive memories and feelings and direct those sensations to make them stronger experiences.


This lesson gets complex, so you might have to watch a few times and practice before you can bring your body alive inside!

How your brain really works part 2.

Yesterday I began to show you how your brain works by helping you identify what memories do to our bodies and feelings, which then effect our mood.


How would you like to be able to choose your mood effectively and precisely as you prepare for the things you need to do in your life?


Today I'm going to delve further into this so that you can learn to master the process and drastically alter your life, feeling by feeling.


We all want more choice in our lives, this video series is the way to have flexibility over our feelings, and begin to live more meaningful lives.


I call this segment Energy Amplification. It's the key to how this works.

Corporate workshops.

My name is Alistair Kinnear. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach with over 20 years of experience in helping people change their lives for the better.

I would like to offer your staff the opportunity to spend an hour or a morning. or immerse themselves in a week-end workshop with me to explore the potential of the human mind in a new and exciting way.

What you and your staff will learn is a new way to perceive themselves and those around them in many different ways that will be a powerful benefit to the output of your organisation.


Examples of this are, improving your memory, having more confidence to make presentations and generally communicate more comfortably, being able to rest when needed, and much more.


How your brain really works, part 1.

The brain is the most complex device known to man.

Science has been studying The Brain for centuries to figure out how it works, and hasn't yet come to a place where it can simply explain to the average person how on earth The Brain does what it does.

The video below is the beginning of a learning process where you will learn for yourself precisely how your brain works and make the adjustments you need to make it run perfectly.

You still won't know HOW The Brain works, but you will know how to use your brain in precise ways to improve your life.

Consider this the first part of a how-to guide for Your Brain,


Deep in Nature

We live surrounded by Technology, Industry and the Suburban/Urban sprawl of modern life...unless you are fortunate to live in the country.


This constant separation from nature disrupts our natural ability to be at peace, which is why we head to the cottage or go for walks and get to the beach when we can.


This isn't always possible, so we make the best of it while we are able.


Get out more and breathe in the natural raw energy of hills, grass and trees.

Sorry about the audio quality. Things will improve over time!

New Year's Resolutions!

Most of us make New Year's Resolutions, and some intend to keep them and make changes.

We decide to lose weight or learn a new skill or take on a hobby, and we genuinely mean what we say to ourselves about sticking to our guns and taking on a diet, or learning to sky dive (!) or learn to play the guitar.

Pretty soon we find that we aren't as motivated to do what we thought we wanted to do, and the motivation slips away.


Well, when we made our resolution we felt a certain way. It was New Year's after all and one is supposed to resolve to make changes right? not necessarily though. What seemed like a good idea around Christmas seems like too much work by January 15 or so, and we begin to see the idea of change differently.

Why does this ALWAYS happen?

It's human nature to follow the line of least resistance, and if that means stopping doing something because it's no longer fun or interesting or purposeful anymore, then the behaviour stops.


So what's the answer?

Call me, and we'll develop a plan to keep you on track and have ways to measure progress and keep you excited about sticking to goals and getting the results you so desperately want.

Phone or text at 905 630 2438 or email at and take the first step toward your dream now!

Chronic Pain Control.

As we age and experience life, we accumulate physical and emotional trauma that manifests it's self in pain we feel in our bodies.

The medical community knows how to treat with drugs and surgery, but often the pain persists and we are left with drug dependency and artefacts of pain that persist and are badged as Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and a list of other conditions that medicine tries desperately to cure.

In my studies I have been exposed to many different practices, from Chriropractic to RMT to Shiatsu, and all of these modalities have the potential to release bodily trauma in patients, resulting in strong emotional release or Catharsis.

This Cathartic response in the clue to me that there are blocks that need to be released for true healing to begin.

We live in fear that things are going to hurt, and this fear holds us in tension against that potential pain, and that is the beginning of what eventually becomes Chronic Pain that medicine can only treat with pills and surgery.

I have developed a healing modality based on energetic practice that allows you to gain physical control of these blocks or tension points and reverse the flow of energy in your body, thereby profoundly reducing the amount of pain you are suffering in-clinic in as little as a half hour session.

I am truly excited to offer this treatment as it has worked for my clients suffering from lower back pain, bone cancer and many other debilitating disorders that doctors have treated with an ever-increasing dose of pills.

I do want to remind my clients that this treatment does not replace traditional medical treatment for tendon, ligament and muscle damage, cancer, and broken bones. What the treatment does provide is immediate relief from the pain symptoms, allowing rest and healing to begin.

Call or e-mail to book your appointment today, and I look forward to being part of your relief and the beginning of your healing.

Cheers, Alistair.


P.S. Here is one of my teachers demonstrating this technique with profound results.