Chronic pain control method instruction.

You wont believe how easy this pain relief is....

Every time I work with a client to remove physical pain from their bodies I'm surprised.


I know it will work guaranteed, but when it happens and the client has tears of joy (literally) it takes me back a moment and makes me think why this process isn't more commonly known.


We do know the answer as to what this is a secret though. Pain is profitable to the medical industry.



What you focus on becomes your reality.

What you focus on becomes your reality....eventually.

Obviously it doesn't happen immediately or reality would be chaos, but if you consistently focus on one thing, it will appear.

Try it.

Build a structure where, once a day, you spend  a few minutes seeing what you want in your mind. Amplify the colours, make the sounds louder and smells and tastes and feelings too.

Plan to do this for a month or two and put a notification on your phone or on your computer at work to take the time and see what you want to see until you believe it.

sixty days.




How your brain really works part 3

In the last two videos I began to show you how memories can effect how our bodies feel things.


In this video I'm explaining how we can amplify positive memories and feelings and direct those sensations to make them stronger experiences.


This lesson gets complex, so you might have to watch a few times and practice before you can bring your body alive inside!

How your brain really works part 2.

Yesterday I began to show you how your brain works by helping you identify what memories do to our bodies and feelings, which then effect our mood.


How would you like to be able to choose your mood effectively and precisely as you prepare for the things you need to do in your life?


Today I'm going to delve further into this so that you can learn to master the process and drastically alter your life, feeling by feeling.


We all want more choice in our lives, this video series is the way to have flexibility over our feelings, and begin to live more meaningful lives.


I call this segment Energy Amplification. It's the key to how this works.

Weight Loss....the easy way.

Well here we are in the festive season and socialising with friends and family and co-workers. This means eating and drinking doesn't it?

By the middle of next week we will be into the new year, 2017, and the thought of resolutions will be on people's minds.

What will be on your  mind come January?

It can be assumed, since you are reading this that you are thinking of doing something to lose weight.

I can assure you now that you've come to the right place.

Being master at helping people to lose weight gives me the confidence to work with people who want to make positive changes now. My program guarantees that if followed properly, you will begin to lose the pounds needed to become the new thin you  before you realise what has happened.

But this gets better.

I'm looking for 10 people who are ready and committed to following my programme diligently to it's no cost. your commitment will be to do the work and tell your friends.

That's it.