Pain is good.





It's a signaI that soomething is wrong and your body wants you to do something about it.


So...what do you do?


You make the signaI stop by medicating it to be abe to ingore it.


Is the probIem soIved?




Have you created another series of probIems as a resuIt?




Watch the video beow, then we'II taIk further.

Talking to yourself for fun and profit.

We do two things repeatedly in our day to create our reality. We show ouselves pictures and we talk to ourselves.

Whether we realise it or not we are doing this repeately, sometimes hundreds of times in a day, and this can be exhausting when we are constantly telling ourselves to stop doing things or that we aren't good enough.

So what's the alternative?

There is a little trick on the video below that you can watch and learn and practice so that you will become better at living your life!



Depresssion and simple steps to change.

Depression is the lowest state the psyche exists at. Depression is essentially giving over to negative feelings that constantly feed back into the emotional state of the person experiencing the feelings, locking them in.

My first step in treating my clients is to prove to them that Depression is only a negative feedback loop of bad feelings, and that change is easy to attain with practice.

One notices that people who claim to be depressed share a few common characteristics. They move slowly, they fold themselves in as if they are trying to hug themselves and thier facial structure is slack and unfocussed.

When we are excited and enthusiastic we present entirely differently.

We are boyant, we smile, we move quickly and we hold strong tension in our bodies and faces, ready to act at a second's notice.

Try standing up straight with your chin up and a smile on your face for a moment, thinking about something positive and uplifting that you've experienced in your life.

Can you be depressed while you are doing that?

Effective treatment for Anxiety

Often we experience Anxiety through the day, and that's normal. The feeling rises situationally and then dissipates as the situation passes.

The type of Anxiety that people people find treatment for is the Generalized Anxiety that comes seemingly from nowhere or is triggered by a variety of things that potentially interferes with our day-to-day lives.

Many who struggle with Drugs and Alcohol have an underlying Anxiety issue that often remains undiagnosed due to the attention substance abuse gets as a cause, not an effect.

My treatment for Anxiety involves running feelings backwards in a light Hypnotic Trance and looping the feelings as they diminsh, leaving the client free from the re-occurance of the feelings.

The entire spinning video series in one post.

Here is the entire video series on spinning your energy to create optimal states in one post.


This exercise will allow you to break old habits and learn new ones easily, to prepare for difficult tasks and generally perform better in your life.


This exercise is the basis for most of my work form weight loss to stop smoking to chronic pain control.


Once you learn to do this simple exercise for yourself you can overcome most any challenge your life may bring you.

How your mind really works, part 4

In the last three videos I have begun to introduce you to the technique of generating new emotional states to change your live.


In this, the last segment we will be taking the final step to installing this powerful new energy into your body and set it so that you will always have the experience ready to rraw on when you need it most.


I recommend watching the last three videos to review whether you've watched them before so that you can immediately jump into the final step while still in the state the last videos helped you to create for yourself.



How your brain really works part 3

In the last two videos I began to show you how memories can effect how our bodies feel things.


In this video I'm explaining how we can amplify positive memories and feelings and direct those sensations to make them stronger experiences.


This lesson gets complex, so you might have to watch a few times and practice before you can bring your body alive inside!

How your brain really works part 2.

Yesterday I began to show you how your brain works by helping you identify what memories do to our bodies and feelings, which then effect our mood.


How would you like to be able to choose your mood effectively and precisely as you prepare for the things you need to do in your life?


Today I'm going to delve further into this so that you can learn to master the process and drastically alter your life, feeling by feeling.


We all want more choice in our lives, this video series is the way to have flexibility over our feelings, and begin to live more meaningful lives.


I call this segment Energy Amplification. It's the key to how this works.

Corporate workshops.

My name is Alistair Kinnear. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach with over 20 years of experience in helping people change their lives for the better.

I would like to offer your staff the opportunity to spend an hour or a morning. or immerse themselves in a week-end workshop with me to explore the potential of the human mind in a new and exciting way.

What you and your staff will learn is a new way to perceive themselves and those around them in many different ways that will be a powerful benefit to the output of your organisation.


Examples of this are, improving your memory, having more confidence to make presentations and generally communicate more comfortably, being able to rest when needed, and much more.


How your brain really works, part 1.

The brain is the most complex device known to man.

Science has been studying The Brain for centuries to figure out how it works, and hasn't yet come to a place where it can simply explain to the average person how on earth The Brain does what it does.

The video below is the beginning of a learning process where you will learn for yourself precisely how your brain works and make the adjustments you need to make it run perfectly.

You still won't know HOW The Brain works, but you will know how to use your brain in precise ways to improve your life.

Consider this the first part of a how-to guide for Your Brain,