I work with clients who are in pain, often suffering un-necessarily for years.

Many clients have sought other treatments and medications that provide temporary relief, but the pain returns.

I ask my clients to see where thier pain lies inside thier bodies.  For many this seems a little odd at first, but I coach them through the visualisation and then they find that they can see it moving and shifting inside.

This visualisation is accessing the bodies natural energetic movement. We can all do this, it’s simply that we’ve been taught to rely on doctors for pills and surgeries for relief, and so don’t explore our natural processes. When we discover this energetic thrill is like watching Squirrels play or an advancing storm over the ocean for instance, or the thought of seeing a loved one, then we realise how natural a process this is.


Once my clients see their energy moving inside, they can explore the process and become familiar with how this pain energy operates in them.


The next step challenges the person new to the process of energy work again. I ask the client to reach inside with their left hand and begin pulling this energy out of their body and into their right hand, held out in front of them.


I coach them to keep doing this until they feel they’ve got all the energy out…because sometimes it tries to hide.


Once the client feels they’ve got the energy out fully, I ask them to see which way the energy is moving.  Once again occasionally clients are unsure at first as to which way the energy is moving, but in a few moments it becomes apparent. Then I ask the client to take the energy and spin it in their hands the other way and keep spinning the energy faster and faster until they are sure it will keep spinning this new way forever.



Once this has been achieved I ask the client to force the energy back inside their body with intent, and this immediate look of surprise on their face never fails to make me smile.


For most the pain vanishes immediately, and many clients feel an emotional rush that often makes them cry.


It’s at that moment that I know the process has been successful.


Occasionally the pain still lingers in a diminished form, and so we do the process again and the pain then leaves.


I’ve been doing this for 20 years and it never ceases to amaze me.


You can do this for yourself by following the instructions in this PDF, or find the accompanying video series and follow there.