How your brain really works, part 1.

The brain is the most complex device known to man.

Science has been studying The Brain for centuries to figure out how it works, and hasn't yet come to a place where it can simply explain to the average person how on earth The Brain does what it does.

The video below is the beginning of a learning process where you will learn for yourself precisely how your brain works and make the adjustments you need to make it run perfectly.

You still won't know HOW The Brain works, but you will know how to use your brain in precise ways to improve your life.

Consider this the first part of a how-to guide for Your Brain,


Deep in Nature

We live surrounded by Technology, Industry and the Suburban/Urban sprawl of modern life...unless you are fortunate to live in the country.


This constant separation from nature disrupts our natural ability to be at peace, which is why we head to the cottage or go for walks and get to the beach when we can.


This isn't always possible, so we make the best of it while we are able.


Get out more and breathe in the natural raw energy of hills, grass and trees.

Sorry about the audio quality. Things will improve over time!

Possibly the most important video you may ever watch.

Have you ever been caught waiting, stuck or rushing to get things done?

It doesn't feel very good does it?

Imagine you are on the highway and you get cut off by a transport truck.  Adrenaline shoots through your body making everything tense up and all of a sudden you are going 20 miles and hour faster and swearing like a crazy person before you realise what you are doing and you manage to slow down to safety.

And some don't, with disastrous results.

People get in arguments with Family, Friends and Bosses and ruin relationships in much the same way. Saying and doing things that they later regret, but find it hard to get past so preserve the relationship.

Wars are started this way.

So what's the solution?

The answer is in the video below and may surprise you.


New Year's Resolutions!

Most of us make New Year's Resolutions, and some intend to keep them and make changes.

We decide to lose weight or learn a new skill or take on a hobby, and we genuinely mean what we say to ourselves about sticking to our guns and taking on a diet, or learning to sky dive (!) or learn to play the guitar.

Pretty soon we find that we aren't as motivated to do what we thought we wanted to do, and the motivation slips away.


Well, when we made our resolution we felt a certain way. It was New Year's after all and one is supposed to resolve to make changes right? not necessarily though. What seemed like a good idea around Christmas seems like too much work by January 15 or so, and we begin to see the idea of change differently.

Why does this ALWAYS happen?

It's human nature to follow the line of least resistance, and if that means stopping doing something because it's no longer fun or interesting or purposeful anymore, then the behaviour stops.


So what's the answer?

Call me, and we'll develop a plan to keep you on track and have ways to measure progress and keep you excited about sticking to goals and getting the results you so desperately want.

Phone or text at 905 630 2438 or email at and take the first step toward your dream now!

Chronic Pain Control.

As we age and experience life, we accumulate physical and emotional trauma that manifests it's self in pain we feel in our bodies.

The medical community knows how to treat with drugs and surgery, but often the pain persists and we are left with drug dependency and artefacts of pain that persist and are badged as Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and a list of other conditions that medicine tries desperately to cure.

In my studies I have been exposed to many different practices, from Chriropractic to RMT to Shiatsu, and all of these modalities have the potential to release bodily trauma in patients, resulting in strong emotional release or Catharsis.

This Cathartic response in the clue to me that there are blocks that need to be released for true healing to begin.

We live in fear that things are going to hurt, and this fear holds us in tension against that potential pain, and that is the beginning of what eventually becomes Chronic Pain that medicine can only treat with pills and surgery.

I have developed a healing modality based on energetic practice that allows you to gain physical control of these blocks or tension points and reverse the flow of energy in your body, thereby profoundly reducing the amount of pain you are suffering in-clinic in as little as a half hour session.

I am truly excited to offer this treatment as it has worked for my clients suffering from lower back pain, bone cancer and many other debilitating disorders that doctors have treated with an ever-increasing dose of pills.

I do want to remind my clients that this treatment does not replace traditional medical treatment for tendon, ligament and muscle damage, cancer, and broken bones. What the treatment does provide is immediate relief from the pain symptoms, allowing rest and healing to begin.

Call or e-mail to book your appointment today, and I look forward to being part of your relief and the beginning of your healing.

Cheers, Alistair.


P.S. Here is one of my teachers demonstrating this technique with profound results.



Weight Loss....the easy way.

Well here we are in the festive season and socialising with friends and family and co-workers. This means eating and drinking doesn't it?

By the middle of next week we will be into the new year, 2017, and the thought of resolutions will be on people's minds.

What will be on your  mind come January?

It can be assumed, since you are reading this that you are thinking of doing something to lose weight.

I can assure you now that you've come to the right place.

Being master at helping people to lose weight gives me the confidence to work with people who want to make positive changes now. My program guarantees that if followed properly, you will begin to lose the pounds needed to become the new thin you  before you realise what has happened.

But this gets better.

I'm looking for 10 people who are ready and committed to following my programme diligently to it's no cost. your commitment will be to do the work and tell your friends.

That's it.

How to become aware of how much we can control our state.

It's impossible to be depressed when you square your shoulders and put your chin up.

It can be a little bleak at times this time of year. It doesn't have to be.

Learn to run your own neurology and stand up straight and enjoy a break from the blues.

It really works.

It is common to feel powerless over how we feel, but if you simply move in physical space quite often it is enough to change how you feel.

Simply stand up and square your shoulders and raise your chin try to access the depressed feelings.

You simply can't.

Now, the feeling may creep back after a while, but realise that your head and shoulders had fallen again, allowing the not-ok feelings to return.

Welcome to Tools4change.

My name is Alistair Kinnear and I'm the Owner/Operator of Tools4change.


At tools4change We are dedicated to providing relief for you and will work tirelessly to help you get where you want to go.

I will be posting here regularly via text, audio and video to provide you with insight into how minds and subsequently bodies work.

I can be reached at 905 630 2438 for a no-cost consult by phone, e-mail or in-office to  help you begin your journey to a new you!


Podcast about relaxation

Here's a podcast I made about relaxation.

Listen to it now.